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    ..."Is it possible that Melania Trump's husband agrees with her?As I've noted, it's not that unusual for prospective or actual first ladies to say nice things about one another. There is something of a kinship, it seems, and they don't often get involved in the political sniping.But here's the thing: Obama has now delivered two speeches that were very tough on Donald Trump - albeit without mentioning him by name in either. There was one in an early June commencement speech and now on Monday night at the Democratic National Convention. Trump's response to each one has been silence.And indeed, despite Obama's status as a first lady many conservative Republicans love to hate, Trump doesn't appear to have ever really gone after her for anything, really.That's surprising from a guy who is nothing if not fond of doing things to stir up the GOP base. ...

    NDTV on July 27, 2016, midnight