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    ...File/Express Photo/Amit Mehra Nitin Gadkari’s remark at a Mumbai event on Tuesday seems to be a subtle hint at the pressure the two-year-old Narendra Modi government is facing, unable to deliver on all its promises.Whether it was Manmohan Singh who actually used the phrase ‘achche din’, at a meeting with NRIs in the national capital before Modi latched on to it, is of little significance.The real issue here is what Nitin Gadkari said next: “The term has become the ‘millstone around our (BJP government’s) neck’.” Speech after speech, rally after rally, Modi has repeatedly used the phrase ‘ache din’ while crisscrossing the country securing votes on the promise of ridding this nation of the ‘corruption it has suffered’ for 60 years.According to Gadkari, this has now become a burden for Modi sarkar.India has won! ...

    Indian Express on Sept. 14, 2016, 12:28 p.m.