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    ...The neo-Islamists also emphasise religious and educational practices that undermine male-female equality in the public sphere. Muslims, one of the most deprived communities in 21st century India, have been the most adversely impacted by communal politics in recent years. The result of the UP Vidhan Sabha elections and subsequent developments in the state have shaken the foundation of “inclusive politics”; the state government has criminalised some traditional occupations of the community. Frustrated with such developments, many Muslims advocate that the community take a sabbatical from electoral politics for some time, make its identity in politics invisible, and concentrate on rebuilding its progressive and developmental institutions. A deeper look into the problems reveals that traditionalists among Muslims and neo-Islamists are also responsible for the community’s social, economic and educational backwardness, and its adverse reputation. ...

    Indian Express on May 20, 2017, 12:51 a.m.

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    ...PTI Photo The massive BJP win in the UP assembly election has a message for the Muslims. The results have signalled that the days of inclusive politics, which gave the Muslims a role, are over. Political parties would now be wary of appealing to the Muslim vote since that could trigger a reverse mobilisation of Hindus. By not fielding a single Muslim candidate for the Vidhan Sabha, the BJP has also signalled that Muslim votes can’t influence its winnability: In fact, its electoral prospects increase when it defines itself in opposition to the Muslims. The BJP’s strategy to mobilise the voters had three aspects. First, it advocated that the party can deliver development without corruption in favour of the dominant groups of society, the upper castes and upper classes. ...

    Indian Express on March 17, 2017, midnight