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    ...Road accidents — annual deaths amount to nearly 1,50,000 — are among the top 10 causes for death and disease in India, according to Global Burden of Disease, 2015. Drunk driving is the most common cause for automobile accidents. The SC order will save thousands of lives and save insurance costs. A few questions, however, will be raised. Why ban only liquor shops and exempt bars that serve wine, whisky, brandy, etc, which contain 15 to 50 per cent alcohol? Any alcohol, when drunk in sufficient quantity, blurs judgement and dulls reflexes. Hence, all opportunities for drinking must be removed from the highways. The liquor lobby is already trying to neutralise the SC order. In several places, moves are afoot to transfer the management of highways to municipal corporations to bypass the apex court ban which applies only to national and state highways. This must be plugged. If alcohol is harmful on the roads, is it safe elsewhere? Is alcohol an innocent drink? ...

    Indian Express on March 20, 2017, 12:15 a.m.