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    ...And hopefully convinced some of you to look beyond the criticism and at the facts in what we think is a very important public health debate. This week, we attempt to “diagnose” the challenges facing the industry, debunk some of them and even attempt a “prescription” of potential solutions. Critics cite the doctor-pharma nexus as one of the biggest challenges in the industry. It’s hard to make a case in favour of any anti-patient and anti-competitive nexus. But it is also unfair to tar the entire community of medical professionals with the same brush. Were we to ask the honest professionals in the industry a simple question: Why do you prescribe the brands you do, the answers will include: a) I trust this company to have good manufacturing practices and good quality control. b) I trust the chemistry capabilities of this company as they seem to have a complete portfolio of products. ...

    Live Mint on Aug. 30, 2017, 12:31 a.m.

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    ...Lofty comparisons are made between India and Germany and the US with little acknowledgment of the realities of India. We believe that these arguments are built on emotions rather than facts—making them very social-media friendly—but maybe not reflecting reality. This is an important public health discussion and it is worthwhile deconstructing the world of branded generics. Why did India choose a branded generic path? A quick snapshot of history reveals three reasons. The main rationale was to ensure plentiful availability of simple and complex drugs at an affordable price. The Hobson’s choice was between fostering innovation (a product patent regime that would translate into product monopolies) and affordability, and the country plumped—in our view rightfully so—for the latter. ...

    Live Mint on Aug. 22, 2017, 11:36 p.m.