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    ...Their decision to bet heavily on mobile meant that the company knew something that others didn’t. And that ‘something’ was the role of consumer data in a fragmented e-commerce ecosystem. Myntra was creating a wave in the e-commerce fashion space. They were radically changing our behaviour, and for me, only bellwether companies dare to make these quantum bets. And these bets are much needed in India’s nascent e-commerce space. As Myntra also knew, data is the pathway to sales. More data means more information on tastes, preferences and behavioural traits. Make no mistake, more data does not ipso facto mean bigger conversions. Deriving meaning from this data is what helps companies unlock patterns and understand its consumers better. And for many e-commerce companies, translating this data into insights, is what is required to scale revenue and succeed. But how does one get insights when you are struggling to access users and user-data? Users today are fragmented across the ever burgeoning app ecosystem. ...

    Live Mint on Oct. 20, 2016, 1:14 a.m.