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    ...(Illustration by-Subrata Dhar) I miss the old RSS. I never liked their views, but I appreciated the sophistication of their position. When I first arrived in the United States, I would try to explain to my new friends the fact that the RSS did not want Muslims to convert since they were already, in effect, Hindus who practiced Islam. All they wanted, my RSS friends would tell me, was that the Muslims accepted that there was no escape. I understood why many Muslims found this offensive or worse, but it did stand in interesting contrast with the naked proselytising zeal that Christians and Mormons in Ronald Reagan’s America were awash with. “Don’t you want to be saved?” was often the opening gambit. “We have ways to discuss religion that do not descend to this level”, I would try to imply to them. I am not sure they understood. ...

    Indian Express on May 25, 2017, midnight