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    ...The protest that erupted in BHU after the incident though, had its own novelty. This was one of the rare occasions, if not the first when the Varanasi varsity was talking gender issues as audaciously as this. However, as it snowballed into becoming a national issue, what struck me was the face that the snowball had. By the time it grabbed primetime space, various political parties and their student bodies had started to claim their stakes in the movement and fake images supporting each of these claims were making rounds. The Vice Chancellor played his part picture perfect, floating at least two conspiracy theories, one of them being the clichéd- ‘Outsiders did it’. As if he was bored by the mundane nature of this claim, he made sure the second one was outrageous. He opined that the entire movement was staged to scuttle the Prime Minister’s visit to the city during that period. ...

    TOI on Oct. 6, 2017, 7:12 p.m.