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    ...On Friday, 1 July 2016 at 12.01pm, I received an SMS: “Your A/c 1XXXXX1480 is debited by Rs. 1,72,601. Bal after Debit is Rs. 0.00. CR.MINIMUM BAL NOT MAINTAINED. PL FUND YOUR A/C.—Name of the Bank.” Initially, I did not read it carefully as I receive many messages from my bank. I did not even notice the words written in capital letters. But soon, I realized that the entire amount from my savings account had disappeared, though I had not operated the account. Neither were there any pending cheques to be debited from my account balance. Had my bank account been hacked? I was dumbfounded. I took some time to recover and called my wife; she suggested checking my bank account online. To my utter surprise, I noticed that my savings account did not exist anymore! I had recently moved to the city and did not have the phone number of my bank branch. Finally, I got two landline numbers from the bank’s passbook. I dialled the first number, and got a fax tone after two rings. I tried the second number; finally somebody answered. ...

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