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    ...A day later, Powell's compatriot, Yohan Blake, the reigning world champion, withdrew from the event due to a hamstring injury.Just a week before the Worlds began, a leading biomechanic made news by announcing that Usain Bolt's 100m time of 9.58 seconds, which made him the fastest person ever, had been a freak occurrence.A number of factors had played a part in it, including age.So the chances of the now 26-year-old dictating terms to the rest of his field were slim.Another piece de resistance by the athlete seemed out of the question.Yet this was what he had done in some of the greatest arenas — the Olympics and the Worlds.The artistes who had ushered in running's age of glory had faded. ...

    Indian Express on Aug. 21, 2013, 2:34 a.m.

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    ...A dazed Andy Murray, who had moments earlier become Britain's first Wimbledon men's champion in 77 years, shook his open palm.He had brushed several trembling hands from the gallery en route to the base of the booth.His real celebrations would begin above it.In what has been a Wimbledon tradition for a quarter of a century, Murray climbed atop the flimsy shed over McEnroe's head.Then, throwing tradition aside, the Scot dashed right past his mother, even ignoring his close friends and family.This moment was going to be shared with the only person on earth who had inspired him to achieve the impossible.Murray collapsed into the arms of someone Time magazine had once described as "a chilly, self-centred, condescending, mean-spirited, arrogant man with a nice forehand" — his coach, Ivan Lendl.Lendl smiled, for perhaps the first time since 1987. ...

    Indian Express on July 11, 2013, 4:26 a.m.