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    ...The magazine highlights and records the milestones crossed by dancers, along with reviews, events as well as articles by experts.The only magazine dedicated to dance in the country, Attendance started 15 years ago as an attempt to document and preserve the dance culture of India in print.This year, its special issue is devoted to reminding people about various classical dances, their importance and their decline in current times.It will be guest-edited by Ahmedabad-based arts writer SD Desai.Khokar says the magazine has evolved from highlighting dance personalities to drawing attention to dance forms, such as in this year's issue.He says his experiences until now have been "insightful and fascinating", as he was introduced to innumerable small towns with immense talent, as well as new writers with the flair he needed to make the magazine work. ...

    Indian Express on July 13, 2013, 4:18 a.m.