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    ... Written by Afsan Chowdhury I had asked my aunt where she thought her home was. She smiled and said, “I was born there, India, but I raised my family here, in Bangladesh. This is my home.” My aunt is from West Bengal. I was interviewing her for my Partition memories of 1971 project. She talked a lot about finding her home. Question was, did Bangladesh come out of 1947 or was it already there but delayed by the birth of Pakistan that year?. The Lahore resolution was ‘adjusted’ in 1947 from ‘states’ for Muslim majority areas of India to the ‘state’ of Pakistan. But what did ‘Pakistan’ mean to future Bangladeshis ? The Muslim peasantry in Bengal suffered under zamindars, mostly Hindus, for a long time and the emerging Muslim middle class wanted more jobs and less competition. The 1946 vote was for the end of zamindary oppression and more economic space for the middle class, not about the assertion of political identity as Muslims leading to Pakistan. ...

    Indian Express on Aug. 27, 2017, 4:39 a.m.