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Aileen Jones-Monahan

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    ...He waited for me in front of the courthouse. His brows were heavy, but there was energy in his stance, like: Let's get this done. He swung open the door and stood back.Inside, a woman waved us toward the metal detector. She pointed to a stack of plastic baskets at the end of the conveyor belt, and as I handed Michael a basket, I thought of all the times we'd gone through airport security together. The way one of us would stand over the other as they crouched to re-tie their shoelaces.We were at our best in airports. He reached back to take my hand in crowds and kissed me unexpectedly while waiting to check our luggage. He held our two passports, one on top of the other, and recounted stories he'd heard on the radio that morning. In airports, he was right there with me.At home, I was always losing him. I'd bend down to get an onion from the refrigerator, and when I stood up, he'd be gone. ...

    NDTV on July 3, 2016, midnight