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Ajay Chaturvedi

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    ...While it might seem like a lot is happening on the entrepreneurship front, evidently there is little to show at the grassroots. Barring a few like RedBus, most of the e-commerce successes out of India, have been ‘me-too’ replicas of the US unicorns. While there is nothing wrong with replication, the bigger question is whether these have really benefited and in-turn tapped into the 1.3 billion people economy. An economy that is perpetually short on change where one almost always never walks out of a pharmacy without a mint for a rupee coin. It’s tormenting that the real needs of the 1.3 billion have not been identified. Some of the most successful startups out of India have been the ones around process efficiencies. Call them e-commerece, food-tech or what have you. Have they been risk takers? To an extent, Yes. Innovative? No. ...

    ABP on Nov. 12, 2016, midnight