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    ...The translators include K Satchidanandan, A J Thomas, P J Benoy, Ajay Sekher, Jobin M Kanjirakkatt, Sarita Varma and M T Ansari. Joseph and his Dalit poetry, and Dalit literature in general in the regional languages are effectively countering the cultural and political monolith that comes under the rubric ‘Nation’. His work also resists the elitist and canonized metanarratives in diverse and democratic ways. It is remarkable that Joseph has emerged as one of the leading poets in Malayalam in the mainstream itself without any tags attached. But it is a matter of additional joy and illumination that he comes from the Dalit stream of writing in Kerala that has its modern origins in Poykayil Appachan or Sri Kumara Gurudevan, also called Poykayil Yohanan by contemporary poets like Joseph. Poykayil Yohanan was often called Poyka, the way he himself embedded his signature in his songs and spirituals in early 20th century Travancore. Joseph’s poetic praxis is dexterous and complex. ...

    TOI on Sept. 10, 2016, 7 a.m.