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    ...The United States, being the torch bearer of the borderless business, has always encouraged or even forced other nations to open up their market through the radical prescriptions like ‘Consensus of Washington’. Now, with President Trump working actively on his electoral promise of Buy American and Hire American, the United States is taking a 360 degree turn from its age old policy of unbridled market raj to becoming an alien protectionist nation. Protectionism has always been about confrontation, and hardly ever about cooperation. Simply put, the slogan (Buy American and Hire American) will write a chaos theory by invoking an uncertain atmosphere of confrontation amongst the trading nations. Primarily, the fulfillment of the slogan (if it can be realized at first place) squarely rests on re-managing the US-China trade interactions. ...

    TOI on March 27, 2017, 2:26 a.m.