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    ...It's that of all the ways Trump wants to disrupt government, the first lady's position is one that could actually use a good shaking-up.It remains completely bizarre that there is a position in the federal government that a person is required to take simply because their spouse is elected to a complementary job, regardless of that person's interests, inclination or passion for the career they actually chose. ...

    NDTV on Dec. 14, 2016, midnight

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    ...How poignant that speech seems today. Hillary Rodham Clinton spent the decades that followed being tarred as a sellout when she compromised - and a dangerous radical when she didn't. Making the impossible seem possible, and leveraging that possibility into reality, turned out to be far harder than 21-year-old Rodham imagined. None of which is to say that anyone is required to like the path the eventual Clinton picked out through the minefields, sexist and otherwise, that she has navigated throughout her adult life. ...

    NDTV on June 12, 2016, midnight