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    ...Around the same time, Farook, a Muslim atheist in Coimbatore, was lynched by Muslim criminals, claiming to be true believers. Search deeper and you will find the case of a Hindu doctor lynched by a mainly Muslim mob, over a cricket dispute. Hindu rail passengers lynched a Muslim youth, in what began as a dispute over seats. A Dalit man was beaten brutally and nearly killed by a Muslim mob because his son fell in love with a Muslim girl. There was a case of tribal vigilantes, lynching both Hindus and Muslims because they suspected them of being child traffickers. And this is only in the recent past. All these cases are horrifying. And all of them reveal patterns. But sadly, many in the public debate space only find patterns which validate their biases. Therefore, many leftists cherry-pick cases where the criminals are Hindu upper castes, and the victims Muslims or Dalits; and then build a narrative of recent Hindu majoritarianism ripping India apart. ...

    TOI on July 10, 2017, 2 a.m.