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    ...That doesn’t make you too good.” ***** BCCI members: “We gave pension to former cricketers.” SC: “We facilitated your retirement and farewell speech.” ***** SC: “Where did the money come from to give to former cricketers?” BCCI: “Our hard-earned money, largely with TV rights.” SC: “And how did you got right to sell TV rights?” BCCI: “Simple, it’s our birthright. We are private, family, society… yaanv… yaanv… yaanv!! !” SC: “The 1993 Hero Cup. CAB vs Prasar Bharati case. SC superseded the I&B Ministry and gave you your telecast rights. Oh yeah, even that time it was judicial overreach.” ***** BCCI: “We built stadiums.” SC: “Have you also imported the land and donated it to the Indian government?” ***** BCCI: “Why are you not catching other sports associations? Why are you after us?” SC: “Aapne Mahabharat TV serial kabhi dekhi Hai? ...

    TOI on Jan. 4, 2017, 3:22 p.m.