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    ...But we are yet to see a truly global start-up, such as Google and Facebook, that would capture the imagination of users and markets across the world. In the current, relatively lukewarm year of venture investing in India, central and state governments are falling over each other to unveil start-up policies—providing subsidies, tax holidays, grants, incubation spaces, and easy exit routes. All of these have led to a surge in entrepreneurs venturing out on their own. However, the global start-up from India remains elusive till date. A global start-up is a venture with a business model that can generate revenues from international markets (multiple countries) and can therefore be scaled up more speedily than one relying on a single country or a region. One of the requirements for a truly global start-up is to offer value to consumers worldwide. ...

    Live Mint on Feb. 17, 2017, 1:55 a.m.