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    ...Pragyan Ojha came in, then Shami.Virat Kohli and others came later, sleep still clinging to their eyes.But not Sachin Tendulkar.In the corridor, I had passed a window display where this hotel's famous guests' photographs were framed.Prime Minister Nehru, Queen Elizabeth, John Lennon, Barack Obama, the writer V.S.Naipaul looking dyspeptic.And a signed photo of a laughing Sachin Tendulkar, holding the World Cup.When the players had finished having breakfast, at last Tendulkar stepped out of the elevator.He was headed for the team bus.Silver earphones clamped on his ears, a faint, slightly tense smile on his lips.His bat in a black case slung over his shoulder.The crowd had been relatively quiet so far, observing each player on their way to the bus.It now erupted."Saa-chin, Saa-chin."Clapping.By the time a Test match starts in India, it is already night in America.Unlike my friends or family in India, I got to watch Sachin only in the quiet of the night. ...

    Indian Express on Nov. 18, 2013, 1:56 a.m.