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    ...Express archive photo I was hurt, fuming for a while, disturbed for many days. How could she say something so fundamentally detrimental to my core, my integrity? And why did she not confront me with her doubts? How could she aver something behind my back without giving me a chance to address it, that too something which could easily have been thrashed out with material evidence? Was our bond not as deep as I had believed it to be in 30-odd years? Rather than debasing her with a confrontation, I decided to withdraw, keep my distance from her. After several months, my soul dragged me to her concert. Her divine music, her frail, yet ascetically anchored presence filling the space with serenity. That was my diva — the note extraordinaire. She saw me sitting in the first row. Her glance directed me to meet her after the concert. Drenched in her notes, I reached her home the next morning, shook her hands with gratitude. She was oblivious to what was churning in my mind in the past several months. She reprimanded me for my absence, interpreted my non-appearance wrongly and accused me of being selfish. ...

    Indian Express on April 10, 2017, 12:23 a.m.