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Anahita Mukherji

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    ...The artist’s friends, who were part of the Women’s March, told me he had looped hundreds of wires to form ‘love’, and wanted them to circulate across the world. For much of the love that spilt onto America’s streets, we can thank Donald Trump. Nobody quite embodies hate and bile and sexism and racism and xenophobia as well as Donald Trump does. But then again, nobody else does quite as good a job of reminding us that love trumps hate. Sten’s friend Hannah, who drove over 70 miles to attend the march at San Francisco, spoke of how, while there was much to be angry about Trump, it was also thanks to him that we are now having more conversations about racism and sexism and bigotry, conversations that we weren’t having on such a large scale before. These conversations could be found scrawled on placards across San Francisco’s civic centre. ...

    TOI on Jan. 23, 2017, 12:34 a.m.