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    ...Someone said that she was cashless and hence the tweet. There is more than a grain of truth to the tweet and to the retort. The finance minister has played it too safe in all the four budgets that he had presented. The two finance ministers in the first National Democratic Alliance government, in contrast, were visionaries. He began his speech with the observation that the budget itself contained three reforms. One was its presentation on 1 February instead of the last day of the month; the second was the consolidation of the Railway budget into the general budget; and the third was the elimination of the confusing Plan and non-Plan distinctions in the budget expenditure. I can add a fourth. The budget pages in the website of the Ministry of Finance have also been streamlined. For example, ‘Budget at a Glance’ has fewer documents now (7 vs. 10 last year) and they are clearer. The aforementioned changes are useful reforms, no doubt. ...

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