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    ...Trump Won. And I was furious. How could my fellow Americans do this to me? Did my countrymen not understand what Hillary stood for? For me, a young Indian-American girl, Hillary represented hope and strength. She showed girls that we were more and better than property, to be acquired and flashed by billionaires with "locker room" practice, and that we could be something. Something really big. Hillary was our confidence-builder. She was going to take us into the 21st century. She was more than just Equality. She was the voice of a minority otherwise suppressed. For years, women fought for voting rights, education, and equality. To me, Hillary was our Susan B. Anthony. Hillary represented my family's shot at the American Dream. She was going to take all of my parents' sacrifices after moving from India and make them worth it.Throughout the election I had joked about getting deported if Trump won, never really believing that this was a reality that many minorities would actually face. ...

    NDTV on Nov. 10, 2016, midnight