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    ...I play every day. Probably too much. I play it on my bus ride into work, at my desk and - much to his chagrin - when my husband is trying to get my attention.Right now, I'm just shy of level 29. Since downloading the app on July 6, I've registered 117 types of Pokemon to my Pokedex - the encyclopedia of creatures that players are on a quest to fill by "catching 'em all." I've captured a total of 3,558 Pokemon and have visited Pokestops, places that give out free in-game items and points toward reaching the next level, 7,381 times. And I've won more than 700 battles at gyms that three rival teams compete to control. (I'm on team Valor, in case you were wondering. )But my Pokemon Go obsession isn't just a product of my compulsive personality. It's because Pokemon Go is the only app that's been able to trick me into exercising.To understand why that's a big deal, you need to know that I hate exercise. ...

    NDTV on Sept. 17, 2016, midnight