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    ...In this context, providing internal security, supporting humanitarian missions in India and abroad, and providing conditions of stability along the borders are essential for the country to grow and realise its destiny. While riveted on the above, the military has to constantly focus on its size, equipment, and operational structures to remain an agile, efficient, and smart force capable of meeting present-day challenges and undertaking the full spectrum of operations. The question is, how can it be done? Organisational change Though modernisation of the military is regularly discussed, intellectual and organisational change, which should support it, is not even mentioned. Should this not precede material change? A Group of Ministers (GoM) had been set up in April 2000 to review the national security system to consider the recommendations of the Kargil Review Committee and formulate specific proposals for implementation. ...

    The Hindu on Feb. 7, 2017, 11:17 p.m.