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Anil Thakraney

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    ...Without a travel plan and without proper packing, I took off on a drive to Nashik along with my family members. To pray at Shani Shingnapur (the ladies stayed back in the car, in case you are wondering!) and then chill over some fine wine. Since members of my family usually bicker and quarrel over trivial things, we don't do long drives together. But last weekend's spontaneous outing proved to be a blessing; it gave us a chance to communicate, share and bond. We discovered wonderful new things about each other, and the trip brought us closer, just as it happens in Zoya Akhtar's flicks. Now we plan to do this more often. But who was the real star behind this filmy situation? The Bombay Municipal Corporation, of course. Because of their shoddy maintenance of the Deonar dump ground, we woke up on Friday morning to find our lungs choked with assorted poisonous gases, and the impromptu Nashik getaway happened to escape the possibility of methane running in our bloodstream, instead of good old oxygen. ...

    NDTV on Feb. 7, 2016, midnight