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    ... Following the announcement of demonetisation, reports of its devastating impact on informal sector workers, farmers and migrants began to pour in from across the country. Seeking evidence on two questions — do social security measures work in the face of such an economic shock, and do these programmes themselves face disruption because of demonetisation — we conducted a survey of approximately 400 individuals, MGNREGS workers and old age pensioners. This was done in the second and third week of January in 15 districts across seven states, with 20 volunteers from these areas. There are four important findings to our survey. Since notebandi, 57 per cent of people studied were turned away by banks, without their wages or pension. On average, people had been to the bank thrice since notebandi; 30 per cent had made more than three visits. ...

    Indian Express on Feb. 23, 2017, 12:20 a.m.