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    ...Nothing too fancy about the watch, except that I felt like I’d earned it—so it was no surprise that I wore it like clockwork (pun intended) for the next four years. However, when asked to give it up (possibly sell it), I first refused, and then put it up for an abnormally high price. Clearly, as any student of accounts would tell you, stock depreciates over time, particularly watches that have seen many scratches and bumps. It was only then that I realized my sentimentality for the watch might be driven by what Richard Thaler found in 1980 and co-authors Jack Knetsch and Daniel Kahneman called the “endowment effect” in 1991. Thaler, an economist who contributed seminal theories to behavioural economics, has received the 2017 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. ...

    Live Mint on Oct. 11, 2017, 2:46 a.m.

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    ...Many recent analyses have looked at the budget as a policy document that signals to the public the progress that the government has made, as well as to keep an eye on the future. In our past articles, we sought to establish a vocabulary for the budget in terms of a word analysis of the finance minister’s budget speech. In this article, we extend this approach to see if the finance minister is able to put his money where his mouth is. We have therefore mapped the number of mentions popular schemes receive in the budget speech to their expenditure allocations since 2011. First, it is vital to understand the importance of Centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) in the Union’s expenditure. Since the advent of the planning period, the schemes implemented by the government have ranged from a high of 213 in 2003-04 to 99 in 2007-08 following rationalization. ...

    Live Mint on Feb. 16, 2017, 4:08 a.m.