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Anitha Thampi

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    ...I first encountered this land as a visitor. I was to write poems as part of an exhibition curated by Riyas Komu at Uru Art Harbour. Mattancherry was the thina (landscape) and title of the show. To me, Mattanchery was the shore of rundown godowns, ancient edifices and tourist lives. I travelled to that shore, many days, many times. Slowly and softly, Mattancherry opened its myriad layers and narrow alleys to me, like water weeds parting ways to a rowing boat. A fabled land shaped by its ancientness and diversity. A place that lives in the many layers of vocations, communities, lifestyles and dialects; its diverse people living cheek by jowl, literally. Its spaces and edifices wallow in ancient memories. Here, an archaic back door of the Subcontinent opens to the outer world. ...

    Indian Express on Oct. 15, 2017, midnight