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Anjilee Istwal

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    ...Getting left behind by Eurorail SRK-Kajol style? Getting robbed? Being pulled aside for questioning? All of that - along with a bomb scare - was my recent holiday experience, which included my passport being taken away for an hour in a communist country.My story begins in March as I was flying from Istanbul, Turkey to Barcelona, Spain. Suddenly there were whispers of "Bomb, bomb" before we could take off. The man sitting in the row in front of me was being questioned by flight attendants. Apparently some woman had complained about him. I couldn't make out what were they saying to him, but the conversation concluded with the man being hauled off the plane along with his bags.After a few minutes, all passengers were informed that we had to identify our baggage; then, a bomb disposal squad boarded on the plane with some sort of chemical analyser. ...

    NDTV on April 15, 2016, midnight