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Anju Yadav

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    ...A teetotaler, he could not understand why this routine had been adhered to for so many years - till this one - 2016.A few days earlier, I had noticed something out of the ordinary - a tiny lump just a little above my left breast. I looked at it suspiciously, then dismissed it immediately, refusing to allow more space to a thought that crossed my mind. For days, the lump sat precariously under my bra strap, not allowing me to look away. And still I did nothing.So, back to New Year's Eve, well spent with the boyfriend. I rolled my head back and laughed at our silly banal jokes, sipping my favourite cinnamon whisky. YES? Then I casually let it slip. Is that a lump, I asked him, or just a mosquito bite sort of thing? He was taken aback and took off with a barrage of questions. ...

    NDTV on July 18, 2016, midnight