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    ...In places that use low-carbon energy sources like renewables and nuclear, electric vehicles dramatically reduce emissions.There’s less of a difference in regions where most of the power comes from coal, like China.While an electric vehicle on average may produce as little as half the pollution as a petrol or diesel car, there’s great variation within the range.Running on battery power in China was just 15% cleaner than a fossil-fuel car last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.“In countries with large amounts of coal in the generation mix, EVs still look better, but the benefit is smaller and depends on when and where charging takes place,” said Colin McKerracher, head of advanced transport analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance.The London-based research arm of Bloomberg and the Union of Concerned Scientists both have analyzed the ultimate contribution that electric cars make to emissions and found that on average they’re 40-50% cleaner than those that fuel from petrol or diesel. ...

    Live Mint on Sept. 20, 2016, 10:53 a.m.