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    ...Hundreds died within minutes and thousands more lost their lives during the next few days. Homes, bridges and roads simply caved in. This was the scene at Kedarnath, the abode of Shiva, and the neighboring towns and villages in Uttarakhand in June 2013. With clarity, albeit slowly, the reality of the massive tragedy hit the authorities. The Army, Air Force and paramilitary forces had to be called in. Thus began the biggest ever rescue effort Operation Surya Hope. Since roads and bridges had been wiped out, people could only be air lifted out of danger spots. Torrential downpour affected the rescue operations. Helicopters could fly only when there was no rain. Food, medicine and other relief material had to be rushed in. The state government was taken totally off guard and failed to act with urgency and efficiency. ...

    NDTV on June 16, 2015, midnight