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    ...Children need to start seeing men. Outside schools waiting to pick them up, in doctors’ chambers on sick days, at football grounds and dance studios, walking them to the park every day and tucking them into bed every night. We need to see more men in kitchens. We need to see more men with mops. We need to see more men with toddler puke on their shirts, hair greasy and eyes shadowed. We need to talk about men on International Women’s Day because until men inhabit women’s worlds we will never stop having the need for an International Women’s Day. For centuries women have fought for the right to inhabit paid, public worlds that still belong to men. Women are now in space and in boardrooms, we head universities, laboratories, battalions, surgical teams and UN agencies (although not the UN). Women are outnumbering men in colleges and universities around the world. Often there are only a few of us and at decision-making levels, men-only discussions are often still the norm. But we are there. We are no longer invisible. ...

    TOI on March 8, 2017, 2:13 a.m.