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    ...Yes, Mahesh Bhatt was right in exclaiming "Expect the Unexpected" after he proudly had me sign Aashiqui. I was then a little lass, uninterested in the over emotional 'ma' wrap and the degenerate fashion, taste and style of Hindi cinema. It made me weep - in despair.Free spirited, "bohemian", I didn't match any known language of colour, beauty, or perhaps even the fake idea of morality then. That believed in show it like they want to see it and not necessarily like it is. Worker for women empowerment, helping in the UNHCR expatriation of the Afghan refugees being my grounding, I was led to say it like it is. That didn't go in my favour. They called me "bold", "sex bomb" - well, a sex bomb is definitely better than a nuclear bomb don't you think? Sex bomb dropped.The fresh, long legged, tan skinned, single Anu was certainly not the false-breasted, shake the booby and booty kind of 'heroine' in navel-revealing dresses then in vogue. And still me, not the liposuction etc. ...

    NDTV on Sept. 11, 2015, midnight