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    ...Automation, a product of recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been recognised as a harbinger of a different era of socio-economic relations. Studies by Deloitte in UK and McKinsey in the US are estimating that currently demonstrated technologies will kill from a third to a half of all jobs within a decade. In this scenario, what should be India’s national policy towards AI? Devoid of an urgent push by the government to frame policy on AI, Indian labour will face a deep crisis. Over 90 per cent of the Indian workforce is organised informally and is vulnerable to sweeping economic upheavals. As AI proliferates, the contractual/gig economy will expand, amplifying precarity and triggering a downward spiral in wages. Construction and manufacturing labour, already atomised and benighted by the contractual system, will not be able to collectively bargain against an industry when it starts adopting 3-D printing technology. ...

    Indian Express on Sept. 12, 2017, midnight

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    ...India has the key ingredients of a high-growth wealth management industry and the Indian government’s push to curb illegitimate leakages; an increase in the wealth of Indians abroad; and tightly regulated markets would all lead to a growth in this segment. The wealth management industry is in the midst of significant change: a new generation of well-informed investors, whose expectations and preferences have been shaped by technological advancement and by their experience through the last financial crisis, have brought new standards to the industry in terms of how investment products and advice are being delivered. But as the industry evolves, the fundamentals of asset gathering, client servicing, and investment choices are shifting. ...

    Live Mint on Jan. 11, 2017, 4:27 p.m.