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    ...Protesters allege these companies support PeTA. Seed companies have also been criticized for their products and their impact on native farming and seed varieties. Protesters recall a recent Madras high court ruling that restrained Pepsi and CocaCola from using Tamirabarani river for their bottling plants in Tirunelveli. “In a drought-hit state like Tamil Nadu, farmers don’t have water to nourish their crops. Neither do urbanites get water from taps. People are having to buy bottled water and order water lorries,” said Karthikeya Shivasenapathy, researcher, Kangeyam Cattle Research Foundation, who is recognized as a thought leader of the jallikattu protest. ...

    TOI on Jan. 27, 2017, 7 a.m.

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    ...The platform crowdsources courier services from travelers with some space in their bag. “Through BMTFT, I got the relief material on time,” she said. BMTFT, which operates through a website and a Facebook page, receives requests from those who would like to get packages from their near and dear ones. “Chennai is one of our top cities and our initiative during the floods was well-utilised,” said Vasudev Masur, co-founder of BMTFT. People can look for members on the page who travel from the concerned city where the parcel needs to be picked up to their present location. The service is provided at a nominal cost. What began as an initiative by people who did not mind carrying a parcel from abroad when they had some extra baggage space, has developed into a network for domestic deliveries as well. ...

    TOI on Sept. 30, 2016, 7 a.m.