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    ...The Bill, which was tabled in Parliament in the monsoon session, proposes a monthly minimum wage to be set across India, which will be binding on all the states. Once it is passed, the states cannot set a minimum wage lower than the one set by the Central government. The proposed Code on Wages will subsume four extant Acts: the Minimum Wages Act of 1948, the Payment of Wages Act of 1936, the Payment of Bonus Act of 1965 and the Equal Remuneration Act of 1976. The Bill is aimed at reducing disparity in minimum wages across geographical regions and sectors. Enacting labour reforms is always a herculean task and successive governments have shied away from it. Even the great wave of liberalization of 1991 did not include any factor market reforms. The proposed wage code Bill is the first serious venture in labour law reform by the current government. ...

    Live Mint on Aug. 17, 2017, 4:35 a.m.