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    ...What do Egyptian Pharaohs (3050BC +), Japanese emperors (660BC-1945), Chinese emperors (221BC-1911), Roman emperors (42BC +), Dalai Lamas (1391-Present) and the Inca rulers all have in common? They were all considered deities, gods, superhuman. We have all heard of European ‘blue-bloods’. The caste system built a narrative that people were actually different enough, that eating from the same utensils or inter-marrying was going against dharma, the Natural Order of the universe. European racism allowed for the subjugation of whole cultures and continents, leading to global colonialism, indentured labor and – for the truly unfortunate – slavery. North Africa and the Arab world pre-dated the Europeans in enslaving large numbers of Africans using the same logic. Preferential access to advancements in technology will make real what has always been the fantasy of societies’ elites – that they are superior to the riff-raff. ...

    TOI on Dec. 8, 2017, 10:54 a.m.