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    ...How can it not? You've served up your ridiculous and raw heart on a plate to someone who doesn't have an instruction manual, even if they care for you deeply.And some loves are more dangerous even than others.There is unrequited love. If you love someone who doesn't love you back, then you're well and truly ****** (we're not allowed to print this word but it rhymes with 'pfucked'). Worse is the pathological kind of love, when life is not worth living whether with or without the object of your obsession. I fell for heroin when I was twenty-one and it hurt so goddamn much it nearly killed me.I would get asked why all the time. "Why," friends and family would ask, "why have you fallen for a highly addictive opiate belonging to the same class of drugs as morphine, opium, and codeine?" ...

    NDTV on July 27, 2016, midnight