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    ... We talk about the “rhythm of life” and sometimes lament that our age has lost it. It is that same rhythm of life that roots poetry in the world. Without the rythm, there would be no poetry. In poetry, all too often, this rhythm of life also shapes the rhythm of language — a unique human invention. No language is possible without life; nor is life, at least human life, possible without language. Poetry is created in language and with life. Poetry has a multi-layered, complex but passionate relationship with the world: Poetry is born out of love and lure for the world. The world, in this context, is both the earth and the times. One may acknowledge that this earth is merely earth for birds, animals, forests, rivers etc, but for human beings it is also a world. The earth has been transformed into the world by language. ...

    Indian Express on April 6, 2017, 12:01 a.m.