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    ...He laid the foundation for future police forces way back in 1829, which continues to guide them even on . Peel believed that the police must derive its legitimacy from the people it serves. It is only with their trust, consent and cooperation that a police force may assume any authority over them. These ‘Peelian principles’ are regarded as the cornerstones of contemporary policing. The fundamental thought underlying these principles was that police must prevent crime and disorder for the safety of citizens, rather than repress people by military force and severity of punishment. London and New York’s Metropolitan Police Forces were established on these Peelian principles. This strong and amicable relationship between the public and the police in London was reaffirmed in the recent terror attacks. In India, however, the police force was founded on a different set of principles. ...

    Live Mint on Aug. 11, 2017, 6:20 p.m.