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    ...He says the motive for this spate of cyber attacks is Pakistan’s backing terrorists like the Taliban. This afternoon, he hit 2 websites of the Pakistan army’s business conglomerate Fauji Foundation as well. The hacker who goes by the name Paladin, has gone into lone wolf vigilante mode and this Batman doesn’t have a Robin or a team like the Avengers do. Previously a part of hacktivist group GhostSec Hackers, Paladin has gone solo few days back. His recent exploits include taking down Taliban websites when Mullah Mansour was killed in a drone strike, taking down Pakistan government websites and email servers and on Sunday he again hit Pakistan. Paladin added that the method used to deliver the attack is DoS-ing. In a Denial of Service (DoS ) attack, many computers try to access a website simultaneously, thus rendering others unable to access it. ...

    ABP on June 27, 2016, midnight