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    ...In the patriarchal system, men are trained to understand the risks and dangers of the world and prime themselves to face them, as they are also victims of assault and abuse. Under the same system, women are never conditioned for the ‘big bad world’. But as feminism aims to break patriarchy, it does not equip women to face the challenges of freedom. Consider the political tussle over curfew timings for women in educational institutions. Women in the Western world have been fighting against it since the 1960s and it has only recently gained political mileage in India. The feminist ‘freedom’ argument focusses on pushing women to escape the ‘authority’ of educational institutions. American feminist Camille Paglia says that women in the old campus movements would demand “the freedom to risk being raped, as only that was true freedom”. ...

    TOI on July 6, 2017, 2 a.m.