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    ...When I travel in trains and look at silent couples, when I watch parents with the air around them, tight and heavy once their children leave the nest for careers outside, when I see pensive ladies sitting on benches in the parks of walled colonies as if straining to remember what togetherness was like – I wonder why there is an immense pressure to stay diploid. I find it quite funny that most well wishers – including seniors at workplaces, aunties, uncles, maternals, paternals and unrelated – believe by default that no woman over a certain age could possibly have chosen to be single. They go on to provide unctuous advice on how to end the damn curse. It all starts with just being curious, following which dawns some restlessness. Then the “Miss single ” is summoned into big office rooms, using the hierarchical advantage. Words are carefully chosen to get the story out. ...

    TOI on April 26, 2017, 12:56 p.m.