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    ...Newspaper reports indicate that a CBI court has found former coal secretary Harish Chandra Gupta guilty of corruption and criminal conspiracy in the allocation of a coal block. There are a large number of other cases waiting in the wings for his prosecution. All these imply some irregularity in allocation and Gupta, as chairman of a committee which used to look into these cases, is said to be responsible. This case raises certain critical issues of governance. Whether this will encourage officers to take decisions fearlessly is now debatable. It takes away the protection enjoyed by honest civil servants. When we joined the civil service more than five decades back, many situations were discussed. A guiding principle was that if you are honest and act in a bonafide manner, there is nothing in our system which can cause you harm. The “mantra” of success was your acting in a bonafide fashion. ...

    Indian Express on May 24, 2017, 12:35 a.m.