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    ...Thamaram shakha is the only one in Bhagwat’s Kerala itinerary. There is a reason for that. Thamaram was once notorious for goons and quotation gangs, young men on hire to whoever bid the highest price to maim and kill. That was before the RSS shakha was set up. Today, around 600 families living their vouch that peace is back in their lives. The RSS views the transformation of Thamaram as the result of an active shakha functioning there. Adjacent to the small Devi temple, a lively shakha functions and sevaks assemble everyday morning at 6am for training. On Friday evening, Bhagawat doesn’t address the gathering, but his very presence and effervescent smile has a visible effect. To welcome him, around 200 members had reached the shakha on Friday evening. “We have 75 active workers. There are sevaks as young as five years to as old as 65,” says Akhilraj M L who is in charge of the shakha. ...

    TOI on Sept. 24, 2016, 7 a.m.