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    ...They have also laid low traditional opponents, most of whom had been feeding the body politic with borrowed ideas and failed models. Take, for instance, PM Modi’s bold bid to clean politics of dirty money. The opposition described demonetisation as an attack on the people. They counted on voters making a clean sweep of the BJP and endorsing the prophecy of the secularists, socialists and London-returned soothsayers of a banking collapse. What happened was quite contrary. Analysts, who themselves were stunned by the results, have concentrated too much on UP. They failed to read the overall lesson in the demonstrated public acceptance of the BJP. The party had surged in local body elections in Mumbai. It won a large majority of zila parishads and village panchayats, not just in Maharashtra, but in Odisha and Rajasthan as well. ...

    Indian Express on March 23, 2017, 12:05 a.m.